Survey Shows Percent Of People That Binge Watch Netflix At Work – It’s Pretty High

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Nearly 40 percent of people admitted in a recent survey to binge watching Netflix while at work.

This news really shouldn’t be surprising, but the details are interesting to dive into.

Mashable reported the following:

A new study from Netflix conducted by SurveyMonkey revealed that 67 percent of users watch in public, risking it all — embarrassment, spoilers, awkward conversations with strangers — just to stay up-to-date on their shows.

Yup, 37 percent of users surveyed admitted to bingeing at work. 27 percent said they binged while waiting in line, and 12 percent aren’t afraid to watch in public restrooms (to be fair, stalls offer privacy).

First off, I really don’t appreciate SurveyMoney and Mashable blowing my cover over here. I like to crush out a few hours of “The Office” or “It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia” pretty much everyday over lunch. I go get my Chipotle, crack open two Mountain Dews and settle in to do a little bingeing.

Thanks to this stupid survey becoming national news, I’m now going to have my bosses over my shoulder 24/7 making sure that I’m not watching Charlie, Mac, Dennis and the gang cause havoc. Truly selfish stuff.

Anyways, does this surprise anybody? Of course people binge on Netflix while at work. They binge at home, they binge in public and some even binge in public restrooms. It’s one of the most addictive things on the planet.

I’m a little shocked the number isn’t honestly higher. I would have believed this survey if the number ended up in the 70s. Either way, keep bingeing on.

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