This Dentist-Recommended Device Cuts Flossing Time In Half And Is 77 Percent Off

Jack Kocsis | Director of Commerce

Frequent Daily Dealer readers might start to sense a theme of late. Recently, I’ve paid special attention to grooming and hygiene deals. Why? Because it’s the holidays. Starting with Thanksgiving and continuing through holiday party season, you will have to smile at people you don’t see all that often. Might as well look nice. Especially if you can get a good deal in the process.

This dentist-recommended electric flosser is 5x more effective than regular flossing. No wonder it was voted Best Water Flosser of 2016. And over at The Daily Caller Shop, you can get it for much cheaper than its usual $150 price.

Normally $150, this water flosser is 77 percent off

Normally $150, this water flosser is 77 percent off

Aqua Water Flosser on sale for $33.99

Not only does this device cut flossing time in half, but it is also gentler on the gums and teeth. It even has 3 different modes so you can tailor your cleaning preferences to your mouth. And, to top it all off, it comes with a 4-piece dental kit with tools to protect against plaque and tartar.

You can find even more great deals like this at The Daily Caller Shop.

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