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In Showtime’s ‘SMILF,’ Vaping Leads To Sex

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Kevin Krilla Vape Reporter
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In this latest episode of Showtime’s new hit series, “SMILF,” two characters indulged in vaping. The episode, the second of the show’s first season, aired Sunday night.

The main character is Bridgette Bird (played by Frankie Shaw, of “Blue Mountain State” and “Mr. Robot” fame). Bridgette is the titular SMILF, or “Single MILF.” In Sunday’s episode, Bridgette is supposed to be tutoring a young boy while the boy’s mother is out at yoga. Instead she sits in a hot tub of water and relaxes. Afterwards, she changes into a silk robe and lays on the boy’s mother’s bed. In comes the young boy’s brother, home from Harvard.

He asks Bridgette for help tying his tie, and then sat on the bed with her. Mind you, they have known each other for years, since he was a little boy. He happens to have a vape on him, and the two share a moment. They vape together on the bed. They pass it back and forth, while blowing big clouds. Bridgette made an awkward face whiling inhaling and exhaling. It was obvious the producers caught a genuine moment of maybe her first time ever vaping.

The unforgettable part comes into play because afterwards, they have sex, not something Bridgette should have done. Remember, she was supposed to be working! She was getting paid to tutor and nothing more. Extracurricular vaping was not in the lesson plan.

This isn’t the first time Showtime aired a vaping scene. Recently, vaping played a key role in an episode of “Ray Donovan.” Vaping continues to increase in its popularity. Even Hollywood is beginning to realize that vaping is everywhere. And as people watch these shows, hopefully more and more people pick up the habit. After all, it saves lives. It is nice to see Hollywood doing something good for a change.

I see it as a sign of things to come – in real life and on TV. It is a positive indication that vaping has progressed to be the point where it can’t be ignored.