CNN’s Ana Navarro Suggests That Trump Is Being Blackmailed By Russia [VIDEO]

CNN screenshot

Justin Caruso Contributor

CNN commentator Ana Navarro floated the idea that Donald Trump was being blackmailed by Russia Friday.


CNN host Wolf Blitzer first asked, “It’s interesting Ana, because Senator Lindsey Graham — he just issued another statement saying President Trump has a blind spot when it comes to Russia and can’t figure out why. Can you?”

“Uh, maybe because they have something on him? It leads to speculation,” Navarro responded. “The constant and very consistent way that Donald Trump deals with Russia, deals with this investigation, leads to questions that are yet to be answered.”

She later talked about Jared Kushner, mentioning the “lapses, lies, lack of disclosure that this young man has exhibited.” (RELATED: Jared Kushner Failed To Provide Congress With Email Offering ‘Russian Backdoor Overture’)

“He’s either negligent and floppy, lying, or has the worst case of early onset memory loss that we’ve seen in history. He should go see a doctor,” she added.

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