‘The View’ Quickly Pivots From Talking Franken To Attacking Trump

Katie Jerkovich | Entertainment Reporter

The cohosts of “The View” quickly pivoted from talking about the accusation against Democratic Sen. Al Franken to attacking President Donald Trump’s response.

“The new guy is suddenly very chatty about sexual misconduct,” Whoopi Goldberg said Friday. “Now you know you’re probably not the best person to be commenting right now on this, sir. I’m just saying, you didn’t say anything about Mr. Moore. You didn’t say anything about your own allegations. Maybe you just want to sit this one out.” (RELATED: ‘The View’ Pivots To Trump While Discussing Allegations Against Franken [VIDEO])

“We just — we have to be intellectually honest in who we are talking about at this moment, especially as the president of the United States, especially as Republicans right now,” Meghan McCain interjected. “This Roy Moore stuff just seems to be getting worse and worse and worse. We’re talking about … allegations of pedophilia. … I saw a press conference yesterday when he [Trump] was walking by. He’s had ample opportunity to talk about Roy Moore, and he’s still not doing it. … Because it’s not politically not expedient.”

“Neither Louis C.K. nor Al Franken, Sen. Franken has denied it,” Joy Behar shared. “They both said that’s true and they apologized. I believe C.K. did also. Whereas Moore and Trump, not only do they deny it, they say that these women are liars. There is a difference in the way these two camps are dealing with it, and I think that’s an important point to consider.”

“There’s a lot of Democrats calling for him [Franken] to step down,” McCain explained. “If you can believe it, I don’t just watch Fox. There were a lot of Democrats last night on CNN and MSNBC …”

“Fox is sexual harassment central,” Behar interjected.

That’s when things got tense.

“You know what, that’s so cheap,” McCain slammed back. “I’m trying to talk about the fact that I’m watching other networks and people in your party are calling for the stepping down of Al Franken because of this investigation being a distraction.”

“I just don’t think that saying Fox is — like I know. I used to work there,” she added. “We’re talking about the present — this is what’s exhausting about this conversation. I totally agree with you that I think it is absolutely disgusting at this point that we are still having conversations about Roy Moore. We talked about it on the show. He should step down. There’s no way this man should ever be in a position to be senator to begin with.”

“We’re also talking about hypocrisy. Hypocrisy.” Behar responded. “Trump’s hypocrisy. … Fox’s hypocrisy, Breitbart, Sean — what’s his face — Hannity.”

“What about the hypocrisy of Bill Clinton right now?”

“Why bring up Bill Clinton at this point?”

Goldberg then quickly threw to commercial, and when they came back they didn’t pick back up the conversation.

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