CNN Panel Gets HEATED Over Hillary’s Past With Bill [VIDEO]

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Justin Caruso Contributor
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A panel on CNN’s “State of the Union” on Sunday got testy over whether Hillary Clinton was held accountable for how she treated Bill Clinton’s accusers.


CNN commentator Amanda Carpenter said, “I want to go back in terms of the talk about accountability. I think there’s an argument that Bill Clinton was held accountable. The question is–was Hillary Clinton for her role? Donald Trump effectively made the case that she was an enabler. She has never fully answered that question.”

She continued, “Even in that interview with Rita Cosby, which I found stunning, she said that people misremembered or are misinterpreting the history of that. I mean, she publicly said if she had the chance to cross examine Gennifer Flowers she would crucify her, and then on the campaign trail, she said that victims should be believed. Those things don’t line up. So Hillary Clinton hasn’t been held accountable for her role. She refuses to answer questions of it, and I think that is the reason why she lost the 2016 election, because Donald Trump was able to throw that in her face and she did not want to confront it.”

“This is ridiculous. I’m sorry. This is ridiculous,” Center for American Progress’ Neera Tanden said.

Tanden continued, “Hillary Clinton should be held accountable for the sins of her husband, but Donald Trump’s own sins, no one’s going to hold him accountable for?”

She continued, “Excuse me. If you’re going to hold Hillary Clinton accountable for what her husband did, then why can’t you say Donald Trump has 16 accusers…”

“I do all the time,” Carpenter answered, adding, “you need to tell that to somebody else.”

“Let’s have a proceeding about it, let’s have a proceeding about it, let’s have a proceeding about it,” Tanden said.

“To be fair, Amanda does say it all the time, about Donald Trump,” Tapper cut in.

Tanden said, “Exactly, but for Republicans writ large, why do we have to say–what is the process for adjudicating the women today who are making these accusations?”

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