Roger Goodell’s Contract Extension Is Reportedly Worth An Insane Amount Of Money

David Hookstead | Reporter

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell’s contract extension will reportedly be worth around $40 million.

ESPN reported the following Sunday on the developing situation:

If all the bonus criteria are achieved in the proposed new deal, Goodell’s total potential compensation could average about $40 million for each year from 2019 to 2023, making it a five-year extension worth up to about $200 million, according to a source familiar with the deal.

The base salary is in the single-digit millions, according to a source. Roughly 85 percent of the total potential compensation package is comprised of bonuses, which would be subject to ownership approval and validation.

That is certainly a lot of dough for anybody to make in a year. Goodell had wanted $50 million a year and a lifetime private jet. It looks like he won’t get all of that, but $40 million a year is still an absurd amount of money to make as the NFL commissioner.

Of course, Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones might continue trying to derail the negations at every single turn. However, the fact that ESPN is already dropping numbers and details likely means that Jones has failed in his endeavor of getting rid of Goodell.

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