Snoop Dogg Goes On Rant About Donald Trump – Calls For His ‘Suspension’

REUTERS/Mario Anzuoni

Jena Greene Reporter
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In completely unsurprising news, Snoop Dogg has just announced his support for Marshawn Lynch and LaVar Ball.

It looks like he was watching the news about Donald Trump’s recent feuds with LaVar Ball and Marshawn Lynch when he decided to freestyle a little midmorning rant about the President.

“F**k Donald Trump, b**ch. Let’s suspend your dumb ass,” he said. “F**k you. I’m with Marshawn Lynch…LaVar Ball, good looking out.”

He’s talking about how Donald Trump ripped Marshawn Lynch on Twitter Monday morning for standing for the Mexican National Anthem while still sitting for the US National Anthem.

And he’s defending LaVar Ball, whose son LiAngelo was embroiled in scandal after he and two of his UCLA teammates were caught shoplifting in China. Trump worked to pardon the three players during his trip in Asia but was unsatisfied with their gratitude.

I usually hate when celebrities use their fame to discuss politics but I just can’t take this one seriously. I’d never actually expect Snoop Dogg to abandon thugs like Lynch and Ball to defend our President. Plus, this rant just sounds like another one of his songs. Put a beat to it and call him Eminem.