Congress Is Desperate To Train Staff On Sexual Harassment In Wake Of Franken Allegations

Benny Johnson | Reporter At Large

The sexual harassment scandals which have gripped Hollywood and the journalism world have now officially moved to Washington D.C.  

Multiple high-profile members of Congress are now embroiled in their own sexual predatory charges.  

This week, new allegations against Democratic Minnesota Sen. Al Franken emerged, along with a bombshell report on Democratic Michigan Rep. John Conyers paying a settlement to a staffer after alleged unwanted sexual advances. The allegations add to a lengthy rap sheet of congressional sexual deviancy.

Now, Congress is making desperate moves to curb the blame before the next scandal hits.

Both the House and Senate have passed resolutions requiring all staff, including elected officials, to take a mandatory sexual harassment training. The resolution passed in the Senate was called the “Anti-Harassment Training Resolution of 2017″ and mandates “anti-harassment training for Senators and officers, employees, and interns of, and detailees to the Senate.”

The House has adopted similar legislation.

According to current Senate staffers, the governing body is becoming increasingly desperate to “train” their offices in sexual harassment policy light of the compounding allegations against one of it’s most high-profile members: Sen. Franken.

“An email or two was circulated after the sexual harassment allegations in the House,” a Senate staffer tells The Daily Caller. “But they have sent numerous ones since Franken. At least three. They’re worried.”

Another Senate staffer tells the Caller that “Things have gotten dark around here,” in light of the Franken allegations. “Everyone is walking on eggshells, asking who’s next?”

The staffer went on to say that their office was told to finish the mandatory sexual harassment training “as soon as possible.”

Both staffers spoke on the condition of anonymity. The Caller was provided a screenshots of an email sent out Wednesday afternoon from the Office of Compliance to all Senate offices, urging them to complete their harassment training and offering a range of dates and times to do so.


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