Man Lands On Shelving Unit In Epic Kmart Fight [VIDEO]


Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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One man may be headed home with a broken back or hip after a wild Black Friday fight in a Kmart.

A video posted to Youtube on Thanksgiving night shows a man in a blue jacket approaching another man in a hat. It’s unclear what blue jacket man does next, but the man in the hat grabs him by the by the jacket and slams him into a shelving unit. (RELATED: You Don’t Want To Miss Out On These Bada** Black Friday Deals)

Blue jacket man rolls onto his stomach and holds his back and hip.


A woman, who appears to be shopping with the man in the hat, yells, “he touched him first!”

“He brung [sic] this cart in himself and rolled it there. He took it,” the woman says to the camera, trying to explain the situation. “He took it.”

In the background of the video, blue jacket man can still be seen lying on the floor in pain.

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