‘All Time High’: Trump Talks Economic Growth In America [VIDEO]

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Justin Caruso Contributor
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President Trump talked about tax cuts and the economic growth that’s taken place on his watch during a speech in New York City on Saturday.


Trump said,

But what we’re doing is if you look at it, we’re going to grow the country. We’re going to grow jobs. We’re going to be growing everything. We have companies now that are pouring back into our country, even before this–we’ve just set records in so many different ways. We’ve set records with every conceivable–you know, if you look at it, consumer confidence, at a 17-year high. And I think it’s an all-time high, consumer confidence. Business confidence, all-time high. Everything is like at an all-time high, including the big one–it’s called the stock market–at an all-time high.

The president also told a story: “So, I was back stage taking pictures with people far greater than my business people. I love my business people, but these are–they’re called law enforcement people. Okay, do we concede, business people? All of my business friends.” (RELATED: People Are Noticing Something Very Different About The Trump’s Christmas Card Vs. Obama’s)

He continued, “And one great gentleman came up and he said, sir, ‘I want to thank you.’ I said what did I do for you? He said, ‘my 401(k) is up 40 percent.'”

“And I never thought of it. You know, I tell you, he gave me one of the great campaign lines, it’s called ‘How’s your 401(k) doing?'”

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