College Football Playoff Committee Needs To Be Disbanded After ‘Black Sunday’

David Hookstead | Reporter

The college football playoff committee needs to be disbanded and the current members need to be shown the exit after their disgraceful actions on “Black Sunday.”

It became crystal clear on “Black Sunday” that they’re just making things up as they go. Conference championships don’t matter, wins don’t seem to matter and nobody has any idea what is going on. The world is being turned upside down.

Also, I coined “Black Sunday” as the term to commemorate this embarrassing day for college football. Please credit me whenever referencing it. That way you’d at least have more honor than the members who picked the college football playoff bracket.

I went to the Washington Capitals game last night. It was great. My one coworker wore a hockey helmet the whole game, the Caps crushed the San Jose Sharks and I realized something while at the game. One of the guys I went with is an Ohio State fan. Our conversation quickly turned to Alabama being picked over the Buckeyes. We pretty much both instantly agreed this committee is making things up as they go.

Works great for Indiana Jones. Doesn’t seem to work great for college football.

It was also during that conversation when I fully realized how important this battle was. Ohio State fans were uniting behind me, a Wisconsin fan, as I carry a torch in this fight. This is no longer just about football. This is about freedom, the truth and what is right. That’s what America is all about.

In order to save America I now fundamentally believe that the football committee has got to go.

What are we in this country if rules, logic and common sense don’t matter anymore? I hate to even suggest this, but they all need to be thrown out.

We need to hit the restart button and maybe it ends with me running the show. I don’t know. I’m just floating ideas.

How am I the only person with a national platform talking about this? Literally everybody was fed Alabama and then just acted like it’s no big deal. Embarrassing. They can all sellout, and I’ll just keep telling the truth.

Shoutout to all the Ohio State fans who have fallen in line behind me. What a wild world we’re living in that a Wisconsin Badger has essentially become the unofficial leader of a large region of this country. Don’t worry to my people in the Midwest. Unlike the committee, I will not disappoint you.

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