If Anyone Obstructed Justice It Was James Comey’s FBI

James Comey Getty Images/Mark Wilson

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Let’s get this straight: The agent who led the FBI’s investigation into Hillary Clinton’s potentially illegal use of a private email server turns out to be an ardent supporter of hers who opposed Donald Trump during the 2016 presidential election? And yet the mainstream liberal media, which foams at the mouth at any whiff of scandal involving Republicans and frequently publishes bogus anti-Trump news, is essentially sweeping this obvious conflict of interest under the rug? How on earth can they all get away with this?

The suppressed scandal involving a tainted FBI investigation — and the liberal media’s apparent collusion in trying to bury it as a one-day story — is outrageous, and proves that President Trump was right all along about the “fake news” complex and the “rigged” nature of the FBI’s Clinton investigation.

“For nearly four months, Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s office, the Justice Department and the FBI have kept secret the fact that the FBI agent who oversaw the Russia investigation exchanged anti-Trump and pro-Hillary Clinton text messages with an FBI attorney who was also his mistress.” This same biased agent was tapped by Comey’s FBI to interview Clinton in its “investigation” into whether she had violated the law (an interview that took place only after Comey had already drafted a memo exonerating Clinton.) This agent was also a “key figure” in the FBI’s handling of the infamous Trump “dossier,” which contained “largely unverified allegations about then-candidate Trump” and was compiled by an opposition firm hired on behalf of Clinton’s campaign and the DNC.

These facts strongly corroborate Sean Hannity’s theory that the Clinton campaign colluded with people within the FBI and Justice Department to avoid indictment, and demand an open investigation. Yet, instead of focusing on this massive scandal, which reeks of corruption, the fake news complex (e.g., The Washington Post, CNN, and The New York Times) is furiously peddling the notion that President Trump somehow obstructed justice by allegedly telling Comey that he “hoped” the Flynn investigation would end without charges. The mainstream liberal media, and Mueller, are playing the American people for fools, and it’s past time for their charade to come to an end.

If anyone obstructed justice, it appears to have been Comey’s FBI, not Trump. The relevant statute, 18 U.S.C. Section 1505, makes it a federal crime to “corruptly” obstruct or impede the “due and proper administration of the law” or “any inquiry or investigation…being had by either House, or any committee of either House or any joint committee of the Congress.” It now appears that the due and proper administration of the law was corrupted by Peter Strzok, the FBI agent who argued to his bosses that Clinton lacked the requisite intent to violate the law, all while wanting to see her defeat Trump. (Apparently, Strzok’s pro-Hillary bias was so egregious that even the Special Counsel, who has staffed his team with several prosecutors who donated to Secretary of State Clinton’s campaign, had no option but to immediately sideline the agent once his biases were confirmed in documented communications.)

It is probably a safe bet that Strzok has already lawyered up. If not, he better. After all, if Strzok, who decided not to place Clinton under oath when he interviewed her, influenced his bosses’ decision not to charge Clinton (despite her gross mishandling of classified information, destruction of evidence under Congressional subpoena and wiping of her server) without disclosing his personal desire to see her prevail over Trump, a case could be made that he corruptly influenced and impeded his agency’s investigation (and, of course, violated his ethical obligations as a public servant). At any rate, such obstructive conduct would be far worse than any election interference attributed to Russia.

Conversely, if Comey and other supervisors at the DOJ/FBI knew of Strzok’s pro-Hillary biases and still allowed him to serve as the key agent investigating her and deciding her fate, they arguably obstructed the due administration of justice, which requires that federal officers and agents conduct investigations in a fair and impartial manner.

Either way, if the phrase “justice system” is to retain any meaning, this situation demands the appointment of a special prosecutor immediately — someone with the gravitas of a Rudy Giuliani or Jonathan Turley. With the Department of Justice and FBI stonewalling information requests from Congress, it is sadly becoming clear that once venerable institutions have been politicized and corrupted under the watch of former Attorneys General Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch, and Comey. To get to the bottom of this situation will require a special prosecutor to investigate, at minimum, Strzok’s role in the Clinton probe and the FBI’s handling of several investigations, including the one concerning Clinton’s shady uranium dealings with Russia.

Nick James is the nom de plume of a trial attorney in the D.C. area who formerly worked for the United States Department of Justice as an award-winning federal prosecutor.

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