One Quote Perfectly Sums Up The Depressing Life Of A Wisconsin Fan

David Hookstead | Reporter

Barstool Sports blogger Dan Katz might have had the truest quote ever about Wisconsin sports.

“Anytime Wisconsin has a program defining game, in basketball or football, they will lose. It’s always being in a good bowl game, always making the tournament, and never actually getting to win a championship,” Katz said on his podcast “Pardon My Take.”

This quote was sent to me in a work group chat from one of my female coworkers (yes, I have female coworkers), and I instantly felt a wave of depression sweep over me.

The sad thing here is that I want so badly to argue with this, but I know that I can’t. It’s just not possible. This quote is just too true. We lost out on a national title shot with Russell Wilson in football, we got blown out in the Big Ten championship several years ago by OSU, lost again this year to them, blew a big lead last year to Penn State, lost to Kentucky in the Final Four and lost to Duke in the title game the next year. I literally watched Duke steal a championship ring off of my finger in a Madison bar surrounded by my best friends. It was the saddest moment of my life. I don’t even say that in the least joking way. That night was horrible and just another stabbing reminder of life as a Badger fan.

That’s been pretty much the past seven years of my life summed up. Most men would probably just give up on sports after that run.

Not me. I’ll die on the Wisconsin hill before I ever give up my boys. I don’t care if we lose 100 more games. Eventually we will win a championship, and the past will all have been worth it.

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