Girls Basketball Team Somehow Manages To Lose 102-0

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David Hookstead Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief
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A Montana girl’s high school basketball team recently lost a game with the shocking score of 102-0.

CBS Sports reported the following:

Lopsided wins aren’t that unusual at any level of basketball, but pitching a shutout is virtually unheard of. A Montana high school girls’ basketball team suffered that fate last weekend, though, in a demoralizing 102-0 loss.

102-0. Not a typo.

Brockton High started and finished the game with a goose egg, in part because coach Terrence Johnson had just five available players in what is typically a nine- or 10-player roster. Against an experienced Froid-Medicine Lake team, Brockton stood no chance and couldn’t even manage to get the ball in the basket, falling behind 59-0 in the first half. A running clock was implemented, mercifully, in the second half.

I think Brockton High is winning this game if I get to play for them. I think it’d be close, but I’m dead serious that I think I could have won this game pretty much by myself. I’m not an outstanding basketball players, but I think it would have happened.

Call me over confident or arrogant if you want. I’m just saying there’s no way this game isn’t at least incredibly close if you put me on the court. Froid-Medicine Lake would have no idea what to do with me in the post. It’d be an absolute feast down low, and don’t get me started on what type of lockdown defense you’d see on the other end. It’d be Ben Wallace, circa 2003.

Just food for thought.

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