The Messages Since The Playoff Committee’s ‘Black Sunday’ Have Been Outstanding

David Hookstead | Reporter

The messages through email, Twitter and Facebook I’ve gotten since the college football committee’s decisions on “Black Sunday” haven’t disappointed.

So many people have been quick to point out that I was wrong about the SEC and wrong about the Big Ten. I’m not responding to these ridiculous messages individually, but I think it’s time to address them as a whole.

I got an e-mail in the early morning hours today that stated:

​Dear, Doltish David Hookstead,

You averred that Big 10 is superior because four of its teams were ranked in top 10 after one week of games. No team of Big 10 is in playoffs because committee decided that Big 10 is inferior. Do you feel contrite and embarrassed?

Look, I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again. The Big Ten got absolutely hosed, and no matter how many emails you all send me, that fact isn’t changing. It’s really that simple. Ohio State should be in, and Alabama got in over them for a reason I still don’t understand.

Nobody in the national media is accepting this fact except me, which is disgraceful and embarrassing for our entire industry. Laugh it up all you want, rub it in my face that the Big Ten got left out, but also realize that things are changing.

I’ve already called for disbanding the current members of the playoff committee, and the numbers of everyday citizens joining my ranks is growing by the minute. The media wants everybody to believe that people are just falling in line. They wanted people to also believe that Hillary Clinton would be president, and last time I checked Donald Trump is calling the shots.

Don’t act too surprised when everything changes in the near future. I will have given you a huge heads up.

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