‘Uncharted Territory’: Brains Of Cuba Sound Attack Victims Are Like Nothing Doctors Have Seen

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Henry Rodgers Senior Congressional Correspondent
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Doctors are discovering never-before seen brain abnormalities and illnesses in American tourists and U.S. embassy employees after unexplained invisible sound attacks in Cuba targeted U.S. diplomats.

The unknown sound attacks, which has left victims with hearing, eyesight and memory damage, has also left doctors continuing to search for treatment options for the mysterious symptoms caused by the attack, where a sonic weapon might have been used to target U.S. diplomats.

Through studies over the past several months, doctors have also found that embassy employees have serious damage to the white matter tracts of the brain, which allow parts of the brain to connect and cells to flow to their necessary destinations. Patients have also reported loud, mysterious noises ringing in their ears, which has led to the loss of hearing, the Associated Press reported Wednesday.

Doctors’ discoveries are now as much as the public knows about the physical symptoms of the victims. If more is discovered regarding the technology that was used to create such horrific health issues, it is likely investigators would not release that information to the public. This reported attack has put the U.S. medical community into “uncharted territory” and has doctors treating the symptoms like unknown illnesses.

The report sparked comment from Secretary of State Rex Tillerson not long after it was released. “We understand the Cubans don’t like the actions we’ve taken. We don’t like our diplomats coming under attack,” Tillerson said to the press.

However, three U.S. officials who have been briefed on the investigation told the AP that they wouldn’t use the term “sonic attack,” and that the sounds could have been related to something else that caused the damage.

The first reports surfaced in August that Americans working at the U.S. embassy were suffering from mysterious symptoms in what the U.S. Department of State originally described as “health incidents.” Officials later said the employees were victims of a planned “sonic” attack. (RELATED: American Tourists Fear They Were Also Hit By Sonic Attacks In Cuba)

Chris Allen, a tourist from South Carolina, told the AP in October that he was struck by tingling and numbness all throughout his body after getting into bed at Havana’s Hotel Capri on a vacation in 2014. Allen said he had been experiencing disturbing neurological symptoms while staying in the same hotel as U.S. government employees, who were targeted in the attack.

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