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Lost Vape Paranormal DNA166: Is It The Best Looking Mod Of 2017?

Kevin Krilla Vape Reporter
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We took a look at Lost Vape’s Therion DNA 166 not too long ago, along with the Therion 75C . But today it is Lost Vape’s Paranormal DNA166. The Paranormal DNA 166, like the other two mods previously mentioned, are equipped with Evolv’s DNA computer chip. The chip gives the user the ability to fully customize all aspects of the menu screen and vaping style options. The Paranormal 166 is powered by two 18650 batteries with a maximum power output of 166 watts. The mod includes interchangeable carbon fiber and wood panel inlays.

The video below is an in depth review of Lost Vape’s Paranormal DNA 166. The reviewer breaks down its functionality and forms an overall opinion of it. He raves about the style and design of the mod. He goes as far as claiming it is the “best looking mod to date.” But, it all comes down to vaping quality. We learn that it is very efficient. The fire button has no delay; it fires instantly. The menu screen and vaping options can be customized. It comes with pre-sets or you can make all your adjustments via the Evolv computer chip software app. The Paranormal DNA 166 is recommended for a more experienced vaper who likes to customize. The Evolv computer chip that allows for customization is a highly sought after product.

Lost Vape Paranormal DNA 166 on sale for $139.00