Man Rigs TV Showing SEC Championship Game On Repeat To His Vehicle

David Hookstead | Reporter

A viral photo shows a person rigged a television showing the SEC championship to his yellow hummer.

Twitter user “DAWGS MAN, DAWGS” tweeted out a photo of the yellow hummer zipping around with the game strapped to the rear. They captioned the photo, “There is a guy driving around Atlanta with a working TV strapped to his Jeep. He is playing the SEC Championship game over and over. #SECChamps #RoseBowl.”

This is why college football is so much fun. Georgia has spent the better part of the past few years just getting their hopes up, and then getting disappointed. Now they finally have an SEC championship, and they want everybody to know. Why shouldn’t they be bragging? The Bulldogs rocked Auburn, and that’s something to be proud of.

Unfortunately, I think they’re about to get smacked by Oklahoma. We’ll have to see if this guy plays that game on repeat.

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