See If You Can Spot The Recon Sniper In These Photos [SLIDESHOW]

(Photo credit/ MASSOUD HOSSAINI/AFP/Getty Images)

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Can you spot the sniper in these 10 photos?

Snipers are some of our most talented military servicemen, and you better hope you never cross paths with one of them if you’re the enemy.

Tell us how many you find. These recon snipers have a very particular set of skills, which of course involves blending in with their environment, no matter what it may be. Desert. Tundra. Jungle. Plains. Name a biome, and we send our boys there.

All of these guys are the real life Liam Neeson from the movie “Taken,” and if any of them have a daughter, the guys who date them should be very afraid.

I think I need to reiterate how good these guys are at camouflaging themselves. I haven’t even found the sniper in each photo. They’re chameleons equipped with 50 caliber rifles and the ultimate team mindset. Oorah.

Let us know if you find them all. We’ll send you a medal or something.

Hannah Simmons