CNN Flies Into Damage Control After False Russia Story [VIDEO]

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Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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CNN quickly flew into damage control after they botched a major story on Donald Trump Jr. and his alleged ties to Russia.

CNN claimed that a Wikileaks surrogate shopped stolen Democratic documents to Trump Jr. in a September 4, 2016 email, essentially giving the Trump campaign special access. However, the email — which was obtained by The Daily Caller — was clearly not sent until September 14, a full day after the documents had already been released to the general public. (RELATED: CNN Botches Major ‘Bombshell’ Alleging Contacts Between Don Jr. And WikiLeaks) 

 CNN ran with the story from early Friday morning until close to 4 pm, nearly three hours after other outlets corrected the network’s reporting. They gave it nearly an hour of coverage on air and led with the story on three separate news hours. (RELATED: CNN Gives Major On-Air Coverage To Fake News Story) 
Finally, at 3:50 pm, CNN trotted out Manu Raju, one of the main reporters on the story, to correct his own reporting. It was an awkward moment, wherein Raju corrected the date that the email was sent, but did not apologize for the error.


Raju also corrected himself on Twitter after spending the day tweeting about Wikileaks’ Julian Assange and Trump Jr. denying the story.

Throughout Twitter, CNN employees were clearly working overtime trying to minimize the damage of reporting a fake story.

Brian Stelter, a senior media correspondent and host of the show “Reliable Sources,” tweeted several times about the mistake.

Stelter said the fault was on the “multiple sources” who gave false information to Raju. The tweet does not address the fact that CNN was read the email by sources and did not obtain their own copy before running the story.

Oliver Darcy, a senior media reporter, declined to comment to a Daily Caller News Foundation reporter. He did tweet out a statement from CNN PR.

Jake Tapper, who hosts “The Lead,” retweeted Raju’s correction but did not address the error or anything to do with the Trump Jr. email on his 4 pm show.

While CNN’s communications account tweeted out the correction, they did not tweet it on their main account.

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