TheDC Newsroom: Mistakes Plagued The Media Last Week [VIDEO]

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It’s Monday, December 11, 2017, and this is The Daily Caller Newsroom.


New polls show different predictions for the hotly contested Senate race in Alabama. Fox News has Democrat Doug Jones up by ten percentage points, but an Emerson College poll shows Republican Roy Moore holding a significant lead. White House Correspondent Alex Pfeiffer explains that the sexual misconduct allegations against Moore have tightened a race that usually an easy Republican win.

TheDC Newsroom is also taking a look at the major media screw-ups that happened over the past two weeks, including erroneous reporting by CNN, ABC, Bloomberg, and The Washington Post.

“When you see these mistakes they always seem to go in one direction–they’re always anti-Trump mistakes,” Media Reporter Amber Athey asserted. “And in CNN’s case, they had these two unnamed sources who both apparently made the same mistake …and CNN has refused to answer any questions about it.”

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