Man Beaten To Near Death By Left-Wing Extremists For Wearing Flag Suspenders

Liam Clancy Reporter
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A Spanish man was declared brain dead after he was attacked by left-wing extremists in Zaragoza, Spain for wearing Spanish flag suspenders, Heraldo de Aragón reports.

Victor L., 55, was leaving a bar after getting into a verbal altercation with two young men. He was then attacked from behind by the two men with an iron bar.

Victor collapsed to the ground and was subsequently brutally beaten with kicks to the head. Victor was taken to a local hospital, but emergency health services were unable to revive him.

According to Heraldo, the argument started over Victor wearing suspenders adorned with the Spanish flag. Police opened an investigation into the attack and discovered that the two men who attacked Victor possibly belong to a “radical leftist” group.

One of the men was arrested three days after the attack, but his identity has not been released.

Victor’s friends had some choice words for the extremists who nearly killed the patriotic man, calling them “cowards” and “assassins.”

“You have to be very malicious and be very ideological to kill someone for carrying the Spanish flag,” one of Victor’s friends told Heraldo.