Roy Moore’s Spox Sets The South Back 100 Years In Interview With CNN’s Jake Tapper [VIDEO]

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Ted Crockett, a spokesman for Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore, sat down with CNN’s Jake Tapper Tuesday for what turned out to be arguably the wildest interview in the history of political news television.

Seriously. I haven’t written a post in months, but I came out of retirement to deliver y’all the goods. Let’s check a couple of highlights.

Homosexuality should “probably” be illegal

I get it. You’re working for the Republican nominee from Alabama, but come on, dude.

Thanks for cementing the idea that us Southerners are nothing more than a bunch of backwoods, Bible-thumping, cousin-f*****g rednecks.

Side note. You want to punish dudes for banging each other by sending them to jail… where they’ll presumably be banging other dudes. The calculus doesn’t add up.


Problems in Washington start with people “fooling with women they shouldn’t be fooling with”

The balls on this guy.

Might I remind you of the fact that the only — and I mean ONLY — reason your candidate isn’t winning this election by a landslide has to do with him doing just that? Oh, and if that wasn’t enough, those alleged dalliances involved high school girls. Excellent job.


Tapper: “The law is not that you have to swear in on a Christian Bible. That is not the law”

Crocket, mouth agape: * silence *

Tapper: “You don’t know that? All right, Ted Crockett, everybody”

No comment.


It doesn’t matter what your political affiliations are. Someone who sends out a spox that is this ill-prepared for a nationally televised interview — on the night of the damn election — doesn’t deserve to be a United States senator.

That being said, Moore will probably still win. Congrats, Alabama.

(Go Dawgs Sic ‘Em)

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