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Showtime Continues To Champion Vaping With Jamie Foxx Scene

Kevin Krilla Vape Reporter
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“White Famous” airs Sunday nights at 10:00pm on Showtime.

A recent episode of “White Famous,” titled “Zero F*ks Given,” showcased another vape scene. This time it was Jamie Foxx at the helm of a nice sporty vape pen that lit up in bright red.

“White Famous” is centered around the real Jamie Foxx’s Hollywood life, where Jay Pharoah plays him as the show’s main character, Floyd Mooney. Floyd Mooney is based off Jamie Foxx, as he makes his transition from stand-up comedy to Hollywood. But the real Jamie Fox is an executive producer of the show and makes some appearances with Floyd.

The vape scene includes Floyd going over to Jamie Foxx’s house for some Hollywood advice. During the entire scene, Jamie is vaping on a large vape pen. The show regularly includes an advice session like this as the two become friends during the the first season.

During a time in which vaping needs as much help from pop culture as possible, Showtime has emerged as the community’s champion. This year alone, three of the premium channel’s most popular shows have showed a vaping scene, including “Ray Donovan“, “Smilf“, and “White Famous.” The Daily Vaper has reported on each of them. Smilf and White Famous are both midseason, and each has already featured two vape scenes so far.

Seeing vaping on prime time television is a good sign of its growing popularity. It can’t be ignored when millions of people from all walks of life vape. The show’s writers could have easily put in a smoking scene instead, but they chose vaping.