Hedge-Fund Titan Gets Sued By Mistress – The Wild Details Include An Ostrich Farm

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David Hookstead Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief
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Aline Marie Massel sued Autonomy Capital CEO Robert Charles Gibbins, and the details are out of this world insane.

Massel, who is a former Miss Germany International,  is suing Gibbins for lying to her and allegedly giving her an STD, according to the New York Post. She’s currently suing for $15 million. However, the most fascinating piece about the case involves the alleged promise of an ostrich farm in Uganda.

The New York Post reported the following:

Gibbins, who is in his 40s, told Massel he was unmarried and said he wanted to have four children with her, the suit says.

“He promised to buy a large estate for them in Canada called the Royal Antler . . . and an ostrich farm in Uganda,” according to court papers.

Soon he was jetting Massel to the World Cup in Brazil, taking her for Japanese massages in Midtown Manhattan and showering her with gifts including a Faberge purse, her suit says.

Ah, the old “I’ll buy you an ostrich farm in Uganda,” line. If I’ve heard one guy try that line on a woman then I’ve heard it a million times. After all, who doesn’t dream about owning an ostrich farm in Africa. I’m pretty sure that’s just about every woman’s dream situation. Forget about a Montana mansion or lakeside cabin in northern Wisconsin. Get the woman of your dreams an ostrich farm on a different continent.

I’m stunned this didn’t workout flawlessly, and now all of Gibbins dirty laundry is getting aired out for the world to see. Not exactly the scenario I’m sure he was envisioning.

Here’s some free advice for all the men out there who read my stuff. First, don’t be dumb enough to cheat on your wife like this guy. Secondly, no woman you’re going to meet in America has grandiose dreams of owning an ostrich farm. That’s a ridiculous thing to promise. It will never work.

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