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These Medical Kits Could Save Your Life

Photo via Dr. Alton

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Recently, acts of violence in public spaces have underscored the need to plan ways to keep citizens safe. It’s clear that rapid first aid by Good Samaritans at the scene could save lives in everything from car accidents to active shooter events.

Joseph Alton, MD says that we need to improve our level of preparedness. Having medical kits geared towards the control of bleeding is a great first step.

Dr. Alton has designed a line of quality medical kits meant to help control bleeding wounds while waiting for emergency services for arrive. They range from individual first aid kits to multi-person kits. They are ideal for the home, workplace or outdoors, including any public space at risk. These are serious kits for serious times that include tourniquets, blood-clotting gauze, compression bandages, and everything needed to help save a life.

Get any of Dr. Alton’s first aid kits at a 10 percent discount with the coupon code CALLER10. You’ll be glad you did.

Photo provided by Dr. Alton

Photo provided by Dr. Alton

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