MAGA MAKEOVER: Trump’s Signature All Over Presidential Challenge Coin

Saagar Enjeti White House Correspondent
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President Donald Trump’s presidential challenge coin underwent a significant makeover compared to that of his predecessors, new photo’s of the coin reveal.

“Make America Great Again” the coin reads above his title as “President of the United States,” along with an added gold feature at the bottom boldly reading “Donald J. Trump.” Trump’s zeal for his challenge coin does not appear to have been adopted by Vice President Mike Pence, who’s coin bears striking resemblance to that of former Vice President Joe Biden.

Trump appears to have personally designed the coins to ensure they can stand on their own, using his name plate as a base. “It’s definitely not a standard coin,” prominent coin collector John Wertman told The Washington Post.

The coins are reportedly being paid for by the Republican National Committee, who intend on using them at campaign events. Presidents have used the coins in the past to honor service members they come in contact with.

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