Trump Kicks FBI Deputy Director On The Way Out

Saagar Enjeti White House Correspondent
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President Donald Trump attacked FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe amid news of his impending retirement in a series of Saturday tweets.

Trump made reference to hundreds of thousands of Clinton-allied fundraising dollars spent on behalf of McCabe’s wife during a race for the Virginia state Senate in 2015. McCabe later played a key role in the FBI investigation of Hillary Clinton’s private email server, which did not result in a criminal charge. He recused himself from that investigation only after reports of the financial ties between his wife and Clinton-linked groups became public.

McCabe is reportedly waiting a few months to retire from the FBI in order to accrue full lifetime pension benefits, much to the apparent ire of Trump. Iowa Sen. Chuck Grassley recently called for McCabe’s removal, saying he  “ought to go for reasons of being involved in some of the things that took place in the previous administration. We want to make sure that there’s not undue political influence within the FBI.”

The president then made reference to the recent reassignment of top FBI lawyer James Baker who served at the helm of the bureau for nearly 25 years. Baker was possibly linked in recent days as a source to a reporter for left-wing news organization Mother Jones.

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Saagar Enjeti