The Latest ‘Westworld’ Update Will Have Your Head Spinning

Westworld (Credit: Screenshot/YouTube HBO)

David Hookstead Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief
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The next season of “Westworld” is so secret that cast members aren’t even getting full scripts.

Fansided came across a tidbit of information from an old interview with cast member Ben Barnes, and recently brought it back to the surface.

Barnes, who plays Logan in the show, stated the following in an interview with Collider:

And now I’m involved in the second season of Westworld, which is even more secretive and I know even less about it, this time. I’m not even getting the full scripts, this time. All I know is that it’s absolutely wild! It’s funny because Westworld is very, very secretive and our showrunners really enjoy keeping the secrets. I think they should be extremely proud of the way that they shape the series, and they want to keep it close to their chests because they don’t want to keep it spoiled.

I love the sound of this. If there are twists so big and explosive that the cast can’t even know them, then count me 100 percent in.

Everything I hear about “Westworld” just makes me more and more excited. I love everything about this show. It is awesome. The storylines are incredibly well thought out, the dialogue should win every award possible, the acting is superb and the show as a whole is already legendary after only one season.

The second season is coming in Spring 2018, and that’s not even nearly fast enough. I can’t wait! I also am not one to brag because I was born as an incredibly humble man, but I never get tired of telling people I predicted the big reveal of the season in the second episode.

And obviously we can’t have a “Westworld” post without including the opening credit scene. It’s chilling and awesome.

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