Veteran Vows To Go To War With Housing Association Over Marine Corps Flag

(ShutterStock/Victor Moussa)

David Krayden Ottawa Bureau Chief

Michael Pereira served three tours of duty in Iraq with the Marine Corps — and now he’s fighting for the right to fly the American and Marine Corps flags outside his Texas home.

As Fox News reports, Pereira and his wife have been flying both flags since moving into the Kingdom Heights area of Rosenberg, Texas, two months ago. But now the homeowners association has instructed the couple to take them down.

Pereira isn’t taking the dictate lying down.

“They represent this county. They represent a brotherhood I was a part of,” Pereira told KPRC News. [They] show respect for all the people I went to war with and the ones that didn’t come back.”

The military veteran, in Iraq between 2002 and 2009, says it was his duty to raise the flags at the beginning of the day and lower both at sunrise. He says he did not anticipate such a routine would raise any objections.

“I’m guessing somebody didn’t like it or someone reported it or something, because I got a call from the property manager who works for the homeowners association asking if me to take them down,” he told the station.

Pereira has inquired about receiving a waiver from the association permitting him to continue to fly his flags. He was referred to a document governing construction modifications.

“If they’re going to take them down, it’s going to be a fight to take them down, and no one fights harder than a veteran combat Marine,” Pereira said. “If they don’t get those rules changed, I’m going to start a petition to get the rules changed.”

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