NAACP To Protest Trump’s Trip To Atlanta

REUTERS/Christopher Aluka Berry

David Krayden Ottawa Bureau Chief

The NAACP has is planning to protest President Donald Trump’s Monday trip to Atlanta, reports the Associated Press.

The civil rights group has instructed potential protesters to show up at the national college football championship game with anti-Trump placards in hand and wearing their choice of white attire. The color of the clothing is meant to deride those Trump supporters who label their opponents “snowflake” because they can’t seem to tolerate criticism

A group calling itself Refuse Fascism ATL, is also scheduled to make an appearance in Atlanta. Their demonstration will allegedly support football players who are taking “a knee against Trump.” The kneelers will be gathering outside of CNN’s headquarters.

President Trump will be in Atlanta to attend the College Football National Championship.

The president has repeatedly expressed his extreme disapproval of the trend by some NFL players to “take a knee” and said the NFL owners should insist that players not be allowed to kneel during the playing of the national anthem.

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