Alabama’s Bo Scarbrough Calls Fake News On Reports He Yelled ‘F**k Trump’

(Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images)

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Alabama running back Bo Scarbrough was fired up before the National Championship game on Monday night and he was focused on nothing but beating the Georgia Bulldogs, contrary to all the false reports flying around.

As the Crimson Tide came out of the locker room, Scarbrough yelled out two words that many were quick to turn into an attack on the president, but it turns out the Alabama star said something entirely different.

President Trump was in attendance at the National Championship in Atlanta and even took the field during the national anthem ahead of the game. Perhaps that led some fans to jump to a conclusion on Scarbrough’s expletive yell, but all they needed to do was ask. Scarbrough must have found out about the fake news spreading around on social media and decided to take a moment away from celebrating Alabama’s big win to clear the air.

“If y’all really listen I said Georgia smh about y’all people in this world,” Scarbrough tweeted.

Go ahead, all of you that wanted to make everything about politics. Give it another listen, really listen and then remember that this is a college football player about to play in the biggest game of his life. He’s not thinking about anything but beating the Georgia Bulldogs and he did just that.