Sanders Torches CNN’s Acosta On Trump Border Wall: ‘I’m Not Negotiating With You’ [VIDEO]

Benny Johnson Columnist, Viral Politics
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Sarah Sanders had a heated exchange with CNN’s Jim Acosta Tuesday over what the term “border defense” actually means.

And when I say heated, I mean HEATED.

Sanders raised her voice at Acosta multiple times throughout the exchange, which ended with Sanders shutting the White House correspondent down by bluntly by telling him, “I’m not negotiating with you.”

The exchange occurred after Trump held bipartisan negotiations between Republicans and Democrats at the White House. The negotiations covered comprehensive immigration reform, DACA and border security. In an unprecedented move, reporters were allowed to spend nearly an hour filming the meeting between the politicians. Typically, such negotiations happen behind closed doors.

CNN’s Jim Acosta had asked about the promise of “border security” during the negotiations and if it “includes the wall.”

Sanders made clear that the wall was one of the pieces of border security, but that it “doesn’t necessarily mean a physical wall.” Acosta pressed further, questioning if Democrats would support the building of a wall. Sanders then snapped:

If Democrats aren’t in favor of protecting American citizens, then I think we have hit a sad day in American history but i don’t believe that to be the case because as we heard many of them say as they sat around the table that they are committed to border security. They do want it and most of them have voted for it previously before this legislation hit the floor.

Acosta pushed back on the response from Sanders, who was having none of it. Sanders ended the conversation saying:

“Jim I’m not negotiating with you. I’ll let Congress take care of that.”


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