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Rep. Schiff: Dressing For The Job He Wants? [VIDEO]


They say you shouldn’t dress you have, you should dress for the job you want.

So why did Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) ask his college-age daughter, Lexi, and the experts at Elle to step up his wardrobe?

Stiff, serious and cerebral. That’s what the California lawmaker and ranking member on the House Intelligence Committee — a leading investigator of President Trump‘s alleged ties with Russia —  is known for. One can easily envision him in Mom jeans. Even Rachel Maddow (D-MSNBC) finds him to be a bland lawmaker who keeps things close to the vest.

So how about that cute father-daughter fashion makeover by Elle?

In the video, Lexi makes fun of her dad, basically telling him he has no idea how to dress. He puts on a red and blue barn jacket and doesn’t look half bad. But Alexa hates it and tells him so. She says no to his “barn couture” and will not let him wear shirts from Abercrombie & Fitch.

By the way, here’s a juicy detail: Adding to his coolness, Schiff has been spotted driving around Potomac in a royal blue Ford Mustang convertible.

Soon enough, a male stylist with a foreign accent from Elle steps into the video and puts Schiff into a brown plaid suit followed by plain gray. Lexi calls them “gorgeous.”

“This is the most proud I’ve been of you,” Lexi says.

Schiff says he feels like a new man.

The suits fit him “like a glove.” The lawmaker seems pleased.

Hmmm….pleased enough for 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue?