Bernie Sanders On Trump Comments: ‘We Will Not Tolerate That Type Of Moral Inadequacy’ [VIDEO]

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Justin Caruso Contributor
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Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders said in reference to President Trump’s reported comments about “s***hole countries” that “we will not tolerate that type of moral inadequacy” on CNN Thursday.


Sanders said, “Today all over this country, you have decent people who sit down with their kids at the dinner table and they say, judge people based on their character. Don’t judge people based on the color of their skin or the country that they came from–whether or not they have an accent or not. Judge them on whether or not they are good human beings.” (RELATED: Bernie Sanders: Trump Is ‘So Offensive’ And ‘I Worry About Him Being A Pathological Liar’ [VIDEO])

He continued, “And we have a president today, the leader of our nation telling the whole world that that’s not what he does. I think the point you made a moment ago is the right point, it’s not just to respond in anger, it’s to build a political movement in this country which says, that that is not who we are. We will not tolerate that type of moral inadequacy, and we are going to create a very different type of America and get back to the values that help make us a great nation.” (RELATED: Bernie Sanders Claims ‘No One Wants’ A Border Wall)

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