Israel To Pay Civilians For Helping Deport Illegal Immigrants

Benny Johnson Columnist, Viral Politics
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Israel is asking their illegal immigrants to deport themselves, and the government is willing to pay a handsome incentive to do it.

For illegal immigrants that are staying behind, it seems Israel will be paying private citizens to help kick them out of the country. According to a report by Israeli newspaper Haaretz, the government will be offering up to 30,000 shekels ($8,705 US Dollars) to citizens who help expel illegal immigrants.

Haaretz explains the position in detail:

According to the newspaper, the job “would entail holding hearings for the asylum seekers; interviewing and documenting the ones prepared to leave ‘voluntarily’; coordinating and issuing travel papers and coordinating flights; accompanying asylum seekers; and monitoring their re-entry to their countries or origin or elsewhere.”

The others would be involved in the “enforcement of laws against asylum seekers and their employers. Their job would be to find them, record their stories and investigate the employers as well”.

“Experience in combat or security is a plus”, the statement added.

The program is a part of a larger country-wide pan to deport tens of thousands of North African immigrants who came into the country illegally before strict immigration laws were put in place. Around 38,000 African migrants must relocate out of Israel by March or face arrest.

The UN is deeply opposed to the deportation plan.