This Intense ‘Den Of Thieves’ Scene Is Proof The Movie Is Going To Be Awesome

David Hookstead | Reporter

A scene was recently posted online for the upcoming bank heist movie ‘Den of Thieves,’ and it’s cementing my theory that this movie is going to be out of control.

The plot of the film is, “Every day, $120 million in cash is taken out of circulation and destroyed by the Federal Reserve. An elite crew of bank robbers sets out to pull off the ultimate heist and get to the money first, right under the noses of Los Angeles’ most feared division of law enforcement.”

This latest clip shows Gerard Butler leading a team of police officers through a lineup of cars as they try to pin down Pablo Schreiber’s bank robbery gang.

It’s intense to say the least.

Was I right about this movie or was I right about this movie? Obviously, we have to wait until it’s released January 19 to know for sure, but I’m about as confident as you can get.

Shootouts in movies are always cool, but they’re way cooler when cops are trying to bang it out with bad guys while civilians are in the way. It raises the stakes tenfold.

I can’t wait to see this movie, and I’ll have a review for all of you as soon as I do.

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