Mark Wahlberg, Roman Reigns Allegedly Bought Steroids

(PHOTO: REUTERS/Dylan Martinez)

Jena Greene Reporter
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Mark Wahlberg, WWE icon Roman Reigns, and Josh Duhamel are among the high profile individuals who have allegedly bought steroids from the notorious dealer Richard Rodriguez.

Rodriguez, who is now in jail for selling the illicit substances, claimed in an interview that the three celebrity clients used pseudonyms when buying his products. Wahlberg has denounced Rodriguez most passionately, claiming all allegations are “completely false.

Rodriguez is currently under investigation by the DEA and may be charged with money laundering and distribution of anabolic steroids.

I can’t be the only person completely unsurprised by these alleged revelations. I have this kind of discussion with my brother — who is a huge Mark Wahlberg fan — frequently. Given the recent beach pics that just came out of Mark and his wife (who looks more average than a C+ in freshman biology), the guy looks unnaturally shredded. His ordinary wife next to him just makes it even more glaringly obvious that he is just not natural.

It’s important to keep in mind that this is all alleged and there’s a chance none of these guys have ever touched steroids in their life. A man who’s already in prison often doesn’t have much to lose. But in the event it does come out that Rodriguez is telling the truth, I don’t think many people will be shocked. And I doubt fans will care much either. You’re not watching “Lone Survivor” to see Mark Wahlberg above the influence.

It’s also worth noting that Mark Wahlberg left the Super Bowl last year when the Patriots were down 28-3 by halftime.