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Thanks to the Internet, plenty of employers are hiring individuals for their in-depth understanding of creating and developing websites. The Complete Web Developer Course: Build 14 Websites helps you secure one of these jobs by empowering you to become a full-stack coder.

This comprehensive online course — featuring over 236 lectures and 28 hours of instructional content — teaches you how to master essential web technologies. Meaning, you’ll build an excellent coding foundation by learning and practicing HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, and more. After mastering these technologies, you’ll then understand how to design responsive websites with advanced techniques, including MySQL and Twitter Bootstrap.

Plus, developing blogs and e-commerce sites with WordPress becomes a breeze. Consolidate of all this knowledge — in addition to integrating APIs to connect to Google Maps, Facebook, and other sites — with hands-on projects throughout the duration of the course. Best of all, it’s only $9 in The Daily Caller Shop.

Normally $200, this web developer course is 95 percent off

Normally $200, this web developer course is 95 percent off

The Complete Web Developer Course: Build 14 Websites on sale for $9

You can find even more great deals like this at The Daily Caller Shop.

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