Tucker Stumps Albany Mayor On Illegal Immigrants

Julia Nista General Assignment Reporter
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Fox News’ Tucker Carlson threw a hardball to Albany (N.Y.) Mayor Kathy Sheehan Tuesday night when discussing illegal immigrants who blocked the entrance to Disneyland in protest over DACA negotiations.


“By the way, why would you want someone in your country who’s not grateful to be here, who’s demanding of American citizens the right to vote and get benefits. Don’t you want people who are grateful to be here and want to add?” asked Carlson.

“Every immigrant that I’ve ever met is grateful to be here. That doesn’t mean that they’re not going to stand up for their rights, and I’ve joined thousands of people across this country in protests that happened on Saturday from people who were raised in this country and who have been here for generations. That is one of the hallmarks of our great society,” commented Sheehan.

“But they’re not Americans, these people. They’re here illegally, they broke the law,” interjected the Daily Caller co-founder.

“But they have a voice, they have a right to a voice. Just because you’re not from here doesn’t mean the Constitution doesn’t apply to you. That’s well, well, well settled in law,” Sheehan stated.

“If you’re here illegally… No, that’s not actually. If you broke our law to get here, you don’t have the rights an American citizen has. Where do those rights come from then?” Carlson continued.

“So, you know, when you are here, you have Constituionally protected rights, and I think that when we look to polarize this conversation by pointing these people who are here, brought here by their parents, without their choice, and demonizing them, we really turn the conversation into an us versus them,” continued Sheehan.

“They just blocked the entrance to Disneyland –woah, woah, slow down. They blocked the entrance to Disneyland, ok. I didn’t do that — they did that. Do they bear any responsibility for doing that?” Carlson asked.

“And there are Americans who use their right to free speech to block entrances, to shut down roads, and to protest things in this country, and whether you were born here, or you weren’t born here, you have that right,” said Sheehan.

“It’s not about being born here, it’s a matter of citizenship. Citizenship is meaningful to most Americans, they think it, you’re different when you’re a citizen from when you’re not,” said Carlson.

“And they want to be on a path to citizenship. These are young people who are working hard, and have worked hard, and want to be on a path to…” trailed Sheehan.

“No, no these are people who, in the middle of a weekday, were blocking Disneyland, so don’t tell me that they were working hard,” stated Carlson.

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