Georgia Tech Sex Education Event Bans ‘Straight Cisgender’ Students

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Ian Miles Cheong Contributor
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A “Queer Women’s Sex in the Dark” event hosted by Georgia Institute of Technology’s LGBTQIA Resource Center on January 22 excluded the attendance of heterosexual students.

The College Fix reported that the group claimed that too much sex education was already devoted to “straight cisgender folks,” and that the event was aimed at teaching “queer women”—and no one else—about sexual consent and how to use “barrier methods” to prevent STDs, among a variety of other sex-related issues.

The event, which ran for an hour and a half, was limited to students who identified as a “lesbian, bisexual, queer, questioning, pansexual, trans, or asexual woman, or any student who identifies as a woman who has or is thinking about having sex with women.”

Heterosexual women and men, otherwise referred to as “straight cisgender” students, were banned from attending the event.

The official event page asks:

“Is oral sex safe? What kinds of sexual healthcare do queer women need? How can you effectively communicate with your partner about sex and relationships?”

“Navigating sex and relationships as a queer woman can be challenging when so much sexual health information is aimed at straight, cisgender folks,” it continues. “Join staff from the LGBTQIA Resource Center and Women’s Resource Center for a fun and frank conversation about queer women’s sexual health.”

School officials told College Fix that they needed time to respond to inquiries, “instead of constant reminders” after being asked about how the school defines the “unique health needs” of non-heterosexual women. The campus spokeswoman Laura Diamond eventually sent another email to the publication, stating that the publicly-funded school was declining comment.

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