Logan Paul Comes Back To YouTube With $1 Million Donation [VIDEO]

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YouTube star Logan Paul is back with a video on suicide prevention Wednesday after getting himself into hot water with a controversial video earlier this month.


Paul interviews a man who attempted suicide in the video, and discusses his own ignorance of the subject.

In the most jaw-dropping part of the video, Paul says he will give $1 million to “various suicide prevention organizations.”

Paul ignited an internet firestorm after traveling to Japan and visiting the infamous “suicide forest” at the base of Mount Fiji. The forest is named for being a popular place for people in Japan to end their lives. In the video, he shows a man who had killed himself (though the dead body was partially blurred).

The video faced intense backlash, with Paul apologizing and deleting it. (RELATED: YouTube Star Under Fire For Video Featuring Suicide Victim’s Body)

It seems that this video is his attempt to make up for his previous actions.

Some people seemed to like the video:

However, some others were still skeptical of Paul:

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