Chris Cuomo And Anthony Scaramucci Brawl Over NYT Mueller Story [VIDEO]

CNN screenshot

Justin Caruso Contributor
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CNN host Chris Cuomo and Anthony Scaramucci got into a verbal slap fight Thursday over a New York Times report that alleges Donald Trump attempted to fire Special Counsel Robert Mueller last June.


Scaramucci accused Cuomo of trying to cut him off as he was arguing that Trump was simply discussing whether or not to fire Mueller, and called the story a “red herring” because Mueller was never actually fired.

He said, “You don’t want to let me finish because you know I’m making a lot of sense to your viewers.”

Cuomo said, “You’re trying to say ‘Don’t believe the reporting cause it was a leak by Bannon.’ Who cares?”

Scaramucci responded by saying, “I am not saying that. Hey, hey, hey listen,” he said as he cupped his hands around his mouth, “I am not saying that. I’m accepting the reporting. Maggie Haberman is a phenomenal reporter. I listened to her on Anderson Cooper. I am not saying that. Don’t say I’m saying that when I’m not saying that. What I am saying is he didn’t fire the guy. He may have had a conversation about firing the guy and then made a decision not to fire the guy…” (RELATED: Scaramucci Torches NYTimes Journalist As He Denies Reports Trump Wants Him Back)

Cuomo shot back, “That’s not what the reporting is.”

“The guy is still in place Chris, so you can’t say that he fired him,” Scaramucci replied, as the two continued to go back and forth.

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