Raylan Givens’ ‘Next One’s Coming Faster’ Is The Most Badass Line In TV History

Raylan Givens Justified (Credit: Screenshot/Justified Amazon Prime Video)

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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There has never been a cooler or more badass line in the history of television than what Raylan Givens said on “Justified.”

Givens, who was perfectly played by Timothy Olyphant, pulled a round of his Glock handgun, threw it at a guy on the ground and said, “Next one’s coming faster.”

This happened at the very end of the third episode of the third season, and it’s without question the greatest line in television history.

We were talking about this in the office the other day as we had a few beers, and I’m just not sure this line is ever going to get beat. The line is incredible. Every single word is astounding.

Happy Birthday to our favorite television Deputy U.S. Marshal, Mr. #TimothyOlyphant

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Imagine the balls you’d have to have as a federal law enforcement agent to pop a round out of your magazine, throw it at the bad guy and then inform him that the next one will kill him without actually saying that. It’s awesome.

“Justified” was truly one of the best shows on television, and I feel bad for all the people who will never experience it.

Walton Goggins and Olyphant on screen together is something that is criminally underrated. We can only hope that these two find a show to do again together. The world simply needs it.

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