This Video Proves Trump Could Win 2020 In A Landslide [WATCH]


Jena Greene Reporter
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Sunday night’s Grammy Awards were marked with a significantly higher amount of political content than past shows, and it got the ratings to prove it.

Despite the media hype about artists wearing white to protest sexual harassment, ratings hit an all-time low with nearly 10 million households turning the program off compared to last year’s.

And while the mainstream media continues to scratch its head about why so few Americans actually care about the Grammys, the real reason is actually pretty obvious to people who haven’t lost touch with reality. Take a walk through the average middle class American’s living room and it’ll be glaringly apparent why nobody wanted to watch last night.

They didn’t want to see promos like this one, where preachy, spoiled celebrities regurgitate Michael Wolff’s recently published (and largely debunked) book in an attempt at comedy:

If the masterminds behind the 2018 Grammys took five minutes out of their day to actually pay attention to what’s going on in the US outside of New York, Los Angeles, and the DC Beltway, they’d find that a vast majority of Americans are sick of being force fed liberal narratives in places where they usually go to unplug: sports and entertainment.

If celebrities were smart, they’d take a lesson from the dismal ratings that the NFL received this year. The league’s popularity took a nose dive this season largely because of rampant National Anthem protests and overt political messages infiltrating the game. Call them bigoted, but the average American still cringes when they see players kneel during the “Star Spangled Banner.” And maybe it’s racist, but the average football fan probably doesn’t agree that a former player who wore socks depicting cops as pigs, is regarded as the gold standard for US citizenship. So they turned the game off.

Similarly, they’re sick of being lectured by insulated celebrities about social consciousness, politics, and morality. Americans didn’t vote Hillary Clinton into office for a reason. What makes celebrities think they’re going to enjoy seeing her onstage ripping Donald Trump apart one more time? Aren’t entertainers supposed to make people laugh and offer an escape from reality? Where’s the fun in watching televised moral grandstanding for a few hours? Are celebrities now so clueless that they actually believe the average American wants to tune in and get sternly lectured about how much smarter and better they are?

The more celebrities continue to push Hillary Clinton, brag about their elitist principles, and preach leftist groupthink, the worse they’ll be beaten in 2020. So keep your books, your lousy candidate, and your private jets that consume more fossil fuel than an F-150. We’ll keep the Oval Office.

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