The Internet Reacts Exactly How You’d Expect To Men Winning More Grammys Than Women

Photo by Earl Gibson III/Getty Images for I Love Me Foundation

Jena Greene Reporter
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Sunday night’s Grammy Awards was marked with considerable drama, low ratings, and political grandstanding. Sounds like everything liberals could ask for in 2018, right?

Wrong. Nothing is perfect for them nowadays. Just ask deranged male feminists like Perez Hilton, who informed his followers that an inadequate number of women won Grammys last night, thereby meriting a stage 5 internet meltdown.

“Congratulations to all the men who won #Grammys during tonight’s telecast,” Hilton tweeted during the show. “Oh, and they also gave 1 woman an award during the broadcast show too!!!!!!”

It’s important to note that although one female won a Grammy on live television, plenty more won offscreen. Eleven women won awards in total, but that doesn’t fit the sexist narrative the ever-offended internet trolls are trying to push.

Singer Janelle Monae suggested that “Time’s Up” means men are no longer allowed to win awards.

Others inserted race into the equation. Because it’s not a full-blown 2018 tantrum unless somebody’s crying about racism.

Some leftists even resorted to cannibalizing the very award shows that are intended to keep them happy and soothe their egos. Actress Wendi McLendon-Covey criticized the Grammys for being shallow and closed-minded.

Last night’s exhibition exposes just how meaningless awards shows like the Grammys really are. They’re not about talent. They’re not even about entertainment anymore. According to the mainstream liberal narrative, the only function of awards ceremonies is to meet racial, gender and sexuality quotas. Nothing more and nothing less.

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