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SMOK T-PRIV 3 Kit: Large And In Charge

Kevin Krilla Vape Reporter
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SMOK’s T-PRIV 3 Kit includes a T-Priv 3 mod and TFV Prince tank. The T-Priv 3 has a maximum wattage of a whopping 300 watts and is powered by 3 18650 batteries. It comes equipped with an OLED menu screen and multiple LED light options. The fire bar runs lateral down the side of the device.  There are multiple protections that automatically keep the device safe to use. The Prince tank is a sub-ohm style, non rebuildable tank with 8ml of e-juice capacity. It is 25mm in diameter at it’s base. Also included are 2 pre-made coils and an extra glass tube. The kit comes in a variety of colors.

The video below is a review of Smok’s T-Priv 3 kit. The reviewer displays the mod/tank up close and gives us his personal opinion of it. He observes the mod itself to have no button or battery rattle. The fire bar is easy to fire up and is very responsive and “clicky.” The menu screen is very easy to operate. We learn that tanks up to 26mm in diameter will fit atop the T-Priv 3 without overhang. The TFV 12 Prince tank with the included coils are recommended to be vaped at 80-90 watts, although the T-Priv 3 can produce more wattage if needed, using a different coil or tank.

Overall, the mod is very big and heavy, but he stresses it is comfortable to hold and use. It performs well and has very good battery life, he states. It is recommended for those looking for a multi-battery mod with some high wattage capability.

Smok’s T-Priv 3 Kit is on sale for $59.90