Here’s How Much Bret Bielema Is Getting Paid To Not Coach Arkansas

Bret Bielema (Credit: Getty Images/Wesley Hitt)

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Bret Bielema will make nearly $12 million after being fired by Arkansas.

A memo from the Razorback Foundation has been floating around Twitter, and it pegs the number at $11.935 million.

That sure is a lot of money. I can’t imagine working a job, being absolutely awful at it, getting fired for lack of success and then getting a check for nearly $12 million.

Bielema and I have been locked in a historic rivalry that is right up there with Michael Jordan and the bad boy Detroit Pistons, but I have to tip my cap to him here. He fleeced a college into paying him millions to not win football games. That takes a special level of negotiating skill.

Bielema might be the butt of lots of jokes and criticism from me, but I’m not gonna hammer the guy for getting his money. It’s the coolest thing Bielema’s ever done, although the bar is pretty low on that one.

Now I need him to get back into coaching as quickly as possible. Rivalries aren’t fun when one of us (me) is crushing it at life and the other one isn’t doing anything. Rivalries are at their best when the stakes are as high as possible and both sides are flying high. That means I’m cheering for Bielema in the short term. Props to me for being man enough to set our beef aside in hopes he gets another coaching job.

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