We Can Finally Start Talking About Matt Patricia And The Detroit Lions

(Photo by Leon Halip/Getty Images)

David Hookstead Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief
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New England Patriots defensive coordinator Matt Patricia is expected to named the new Detroit Lions head coach at some point this week.

We’ve all known about this move ever since the Lions fired Jim Caldwell, but we’re now closing in on it becoming official.

I sure hope this move works out because firing Caldwell was a big risk. He had taken the Lions to multiple playoffs, which is not normal for the organization. You fire a guy like that and the general manager better pray his handpicked replacement is better or there will be a price to pay.

Patricia comes from a winning culture, and that certainly counts for something. The man just knows how to win for the most part. Turning Detroit into a winning culture is going to take an unprecedented level of leadership. The team has been a joke for most of my life, and as a fan that has been brutal to live through.

It’s do or die time now for the boys in white and blue. Stafford got his major deal, and if they can’t win with him then I’m not sure there will ever be a remedy for the squad.

Patricia is now our leader, and I hope he lives up to the hype. We certainly need him to.

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